Twin Air released two instruction videos: one video Oiling your foam air filter and the second one Cleaning your foam air filter. the air filter. In these videos our customers will be informed ‘how to’ maintain your foam air filter. The videos are made in close cooperation with Factory Kawasaki Racing Team.


Twin Air would like to announce the new partnership with LFTW Film Productions. LFTW Film Productions is based in the Netherlands and has already produced two cinema movies in 2013 (Living for the Weekend) and 2014 (Tony Cairoli the Movie). For 2016 all focus is on their new production named ’’Living for the Weekend – The Exceptional Six’’. This new movie will screen worldwide. The six featured riders will be chosen by the fans and eventually filmed by filmmaker Mike Neale from Wales.

Producer: Jean-Paul Maas:‘’The cool thing about this new concept is that anybody could be featured in our new movie. If a rider can collect lots of votes he can win the challenge and be one of The Exceptional Six. It’s an exciting project in which we ask the fans who they want to see and what they want to see. Nowadays technology allows us to communicate so easy with the fans, so we thought we should use that. The result will be visible in the cinemas worldwide in November 2016’’


Get a Max Nagl autograph on one of the 1000 free foam numbers 12! Visit Twin Air on Saturday 13h00 at the MXGP of Teutschenthal.

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The company

Twin Air's legendary quality heralds back more then 40 years when stock paper air filters were a big problem for the engine especially in the sandy, gritty soil of The Netherlands. Single foam and paper filters gave riders airflow, but didn't cut it for protection and lasted only 30 minutes in the sand dunes of Holland.

Twin Air found the solution to deliver unbeatable performance and protection by producing special laminated Foam air filters and filter accessories. The original typical Paper air filter was consequently replaced by washable Twin Air foam air filters. These Twin Air filters are, when treated with the right filter oil, a perfect product to prevent dirt, grime, sand and water entering the carburettor and giving unbeatable performance.

Now Twin Air is known because of it's superior quality, craftsmanship, supplying and service of foam air filters with a very large distribution network all over the world.

Because of our high quality foam air filters, we also are an Original Equipment Manufacturer for over 20 motorcycle companies; KTM Motorcycles AG, Husaberg Motor AB, Husqvarna, Cagiva, MV Agusta, BMW Motorrad, Sherco, Gas Gas Motos sa, CCM Motorcycles limited, MUZ, Metisse, TM, Beta, just to mention a few.

We also have sponsored many teams such as Team Suzuki, back in the days with their riders Roger de Coster , Sylvain Geboers and Joel Robert. Up and till this moment Team American Suzuki (with team manager Roger de Coster ) with Ricky Carmichael are still using Twin Air filters. Also Grand Prix Team Suzuki (with team manager Sylvain Geboers ) is still using the very reliable and proven Twin Air filters. Team Cagiva / Husqvarna with Dave Strijbos and Pekka Vehkonen. The KTM riders of the early days, now working as team managers, like Heinz Kinigardner, Kees v.d. Ven and Kurt Nicoll (just to mention just a few), still favour Twin Air filters and have their riders use them. Remarkable are the many world titles won by father and son, Harrie and Stefan Everts using Twin Air filters. Many world titles were won using Twin Air filters on among others the Honda machines with their riders such as Andre Malherbe, J.M. Bayle, David Thorpe, Eric Geboers, George Jobe, Greg Albertijn, Frederic Bolley. Also Team American Honda with their riders Andrew Short, Jeremy McGrath, Ernesto Fonseca and Travis Preston. Kawasaki Europe with their team manager Jan de Groot , also won many world titles. Think of Sebastian Tortelli and Stefan Everts. Donny Schmit, Andrea Bartolini and Stefan Everts became world champions on Yamaha machines using Twin Air filters.

Today Twin Air is the best selling off-road air filter in the world. In keeping with its heritage of performance and protection without compromise, Twin Air filters are available for all Motocross and ATV vehicles and is now the official air filter of American Honda and Suzuki, Kawasaki Racing Team, Suzuki Geboers, Honda Martin and Honda CAS, KTM Red Bull Racing team, and many other teams.

Twin Air's design, high quality materials and superior construction deliver unbeatable performance and protection and make Twin Air the hands down choice of more World & National Champions than all other filters combined.

If you're as serious about protecting your bike or ATV as you are about performance, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information and ride with Twin Air.