Twin Air would like to announce the new partnership with LFTW Film Productions. LFTW Film Productions is based in the Netherlands and has already produced two cinema movies in 2013 (Living for the Weekend) and 2014 (Tony Cairoli the Movie). For 2016 all focus is on their new production named ’’Living for the Weekend – The Exceptional Six’’. This new movie will screen worldwide. The six featured riders will be chosen by the fans and eventually filmed by filmmaker Mike Neale from Wales.

Producer: Jean-Paul Maas:‘’The cool thing about this new concept is that anybody could be featured in our new movie. If a rider can collect lots of votes he can win the challenge and be one of The Exceptional Six. It’s an exciting project in which we ask the fans who they want to see and what they want to see. Nowadays technology allows us to communicate so easy with the fans, so we thought we should use that. The result will be visible in the cinemas worldwide in November 2016’’


Get a Max Nagl autograph on one of the 1000 free foam numbers 12! Visit Twin Air on Saturday 13h00 at the MXGP of Teutschenthal.

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The airbox of the new 2016 KTM/Husqvarna models have been re-designed. In close cooperation with KTM, the KTM Factory Racing Team and Twin Air, a new filter was designed, extensively tested and race proven to provide maximum airflow with maximum protection. The new system is easy to install and provides the best protection and performance for the engine. An aluminum cage (PowerFlow Kit) has been developed for more airflow and a tighter seal against the airbox. Besides the air filters, Twin Air offers several other products for the new KTM/Husqvarna 2016 models.

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Cleaning and re-oiling your Twin Air filter with liquid power and liquid dirt remover

cleaning-smallCleaning your Twin Air filter with "Liquid Dirt Remover" filter cleaner and re-oiling your air filter with "Liquid Power" filter oil

Cleaning and re-oiling your Twin Air filter with liquid bio power and bio dirt remover

cleaning2-smallCleaning your air filter with "Bio Dirt Remover" filter cleaner and re-oiling your air filter with "Liquid Bio Power" filter oil

Video tutorial: Twin Air filter cleaning

video1-smallA short video tutorial on Twin Air filter cleaning using the Twin Air system.

Video tutorial: Cleaning your bike

video2-smallA short video tutorial on cleaning your MX bike.