Inside and outside of Twin Air Original Dual Stage 2 stroke oil filters
Inside of Twin Air Original Dual Stage 4 stroke oil filter with backfire-resistant foam lamination

This is where it all began. Over 40 years ago, the sandy, gritty soil of The Netherlands – and the resulting engine failures – proved that single-foam and paper filters gave riders air flow, but failed at protection. Twin Air’s breakthrough, fused-dual-layer design (now widely copied) combined performance and protection. The fused layers of open-pore foam and fine inner foam trap even the smallest particles. The new, rounder design boosts airflow. So do the minimized seams made possible by a revolutionary micro-gluing process: Shorter seams = more foam = more flow.

Some models have a backfire-resistant foam layer laminated to the filter that eliminates the restrictive, stock backfire screen


MOTORCYCLE • ATV • WASHABLE / REUSABLE (reusing a Twin Air filter 40-50 times is common) • DUAL-LAYER FOAM (made to our specifications, with cells that are evenly sized and distributed) • GREASELESS SEALING RING • HIGH QUALITY (assembled by hand and inspected for a perfect fit) PACKAGED IN A RESEALABLE BAG

Inside and outside of Twin Air BIO Pre-Oiled Dual Stage oil filter.



For many years, Twin Air Factory Pre-Oiled filters were only available to our top professional race teams and OEM customers. The results were so good that we now offer the same factory treatment to everyone.

We start with an Original Dual-Stage Air Filter and completely submerge it in BIO Liquid Power Filter Oil. After the filter is massaged to ensure all pores are evenly coated with oil, it’s placed in a temperature-controlled room to allow the oil to cure. You just open the resealable bag and install.

The best filter in the world can’t do its job if there are leaks in the seal of the airbox. Twin Air’s PowerFlow Kits ensure a leak-proof, fool-proof fit with a rigid, lightweight, billet-aluminum cage that replaces your flimsy, plastic stock cage, and a billet aluminum flange with a rubber seal that bolts tight to your airbox.

PowerFlow Kits for ATVs are custom-designed to each unique application for superior airflow, improved sealing surface, removal of the restrictive backfire screen, and ease of service.



Fit this over your Twin Air Filter when you’re riding in severe conditions such as heavy dust and sand. This coarse foam pre-filter, oiled for maximum benefit, will act as an additional layer of protection and extend the service time between filter cleanings.

Twin Air’s vent system opens the way for maximum airflow, while our fine-toothed GP Filter Cover protects your engine from dirt and debris. The unique two-piece design installs in a snap, with a foam seal that ensures a leak-proof fit. Includes a black outer cover to close off the vents during extreme conditions. Oval or round. 2 vents & caps per pack.



You’d be amazed at the dirt and debris that can work its way into your gas can – and from there, your fuel tank. Twin Air’s monofilament screen pocket inserts in your tank to catch particles as small as 40 microns (.00165”) while allowing the gas to flow freely. The flange is custom-sized for each modern 4-stroke model to ensure a leak-proof seal. Just remove the filter periodically, turn it inside-out, and clean out the debris that COULD have been in your engine.

The company that set the clean air standard for your engine extends their expertise to oil filters. Now there’s only one name you need to remember for maximum protection, perfomance and value in all of your filters and related products: Twin Air.

Two bikes after riding in the same moto. The bike radiator without Twin Air Radiator Sleeves was full of mud and overheated.

This protective vest of nylon-coated, glass yarn mesh is designed to shed mud, dirt and sand before it can build up and choke your radiator. Tough, breathable and easy to install: Simply remove the radiator louvers and slide the sleeve over them. Custom fit includes pre-punched holes for the mounting pins.


Motocross bike after racing using the Twin Air Radiator Sleeve.
Motocross bike after racing without using the Twin Air Radiator Sleeve.


Twin Air Skid Plate Foam blocks dirt between engine gaps, skid plate and surrounding areas.
Twin Air Foot Peg Foam prevents mud and dirt from sticking to foot pegs



This black polyurethane/polyester reticulated foam (40mm thickness, 30 PPI) blocks dirt from gaps between the engine and the skid plate and other adjacent areas.


Used in large tanks of high performance vehicles, these impenetrable polyurethane polyester cubes baffle fuel to control surging, eliminate sloshing and the slapping noise, and stabilize fuel movement during sharp turns. Performance is improved, and fuel capacity loss is less than 1%.

Twin Air Radiator Foam protects radiators clogs on sand race tracks.


This 30 PPI black polyurethane/polyester reticulated foam is formulated to prevent dirt and mud from sticking on foot pegs.

Twin Air Helmet Mud Deflectors keeps mud and dirt build up from the top of the helmet.
Rider using Twin Air Helmet Mud Deflector.


Mounted on top of the helmet, this self-adhesive open reticulated foam (5mm thickness, 60 PPI) sheds dirt and mud like a duck sheds water.

Twin Air Radiator Gauze protects radiators from stone damage.


Secured in front of the radiator, this black polyurethane/polyester reticulated foam is used on sand tracks to protect the radiator from dirt clogs. 10mm thickness, 30 pores per Inch (PPI).


Teams use our white polypropylene gauze on hard pack tracks to protect radiators from
stone damage.


A newly developed TPU material prevents mud build up on the radiator louvres; allowing the radiator to continue to maintain operating temperature. The MUD sleeves are a universal product for all Off Road bike radiators and are easily mounted with zip-ties.


Twin Air MUD Deflector foam, no more mud hanging under the fenders! Deflector foam prevents the mud from sticking under the fenders, helping to eliminate added weight to the bike. The foam is pre-cut in bike specific dimensions and has a peel-off tape layer for easy mounting.